With the right digital marketing strategy, Search Ads are powerful tools that generate leads. Here’s how you can fully optimize your Search Ads to be ideal contact points for your online audience.

MYTH #4: No one clicks on Google Search Ads.   Everyone scrolls past them to the organic results.

You may think so. But are you sure you know the difference?

Research shows that 50% of users can’t tell the difference between a sponsored ad and an organic search result on Google (OfCom). Additionally, 65% of clicks go to Search Ads, which proves how powerful they can be in driving traffic to your website.

Many marketers and business owners think that users steer clear of “Ad” labels, but data suggests that Search Ads are powerful tools that generate leads – and more importantly, they appeal to high-value audiences. Compared to organic search results, people who visit a website by clicking on a Search Ad are twice as likely to convert (Wordlead).

From the user’s perspective, this makes sense. They want the best solution to their search query as quickly as possible, and when your site appears in the top three ad results, it gains a huge advantage. Whether it’s a sponsored ad or an organic result makes no difference.

Google Search Ads help your brand stand out with the most profitable position. And with Google’s latest features, you can fully optimize your Search Ads to be ideal contact points for your audience.

This is especially true for small local businesses. Localized searches are on the rise, with queries that include phrases like “near me” or “close by” growing by more than 900% over the last two years (ChatMeter).

To better serve increasingly local audiences, Google incentivizes ads that cater to their needs. The search engine offers extensions that highlight local features, allowing you to plug in your contact information – like your phone number and address – into your Search Ad description.

With these features in place, your brand becomes a top priority for nearby users searching your keywords. Plus, Search Ad extensions also offer multiple avenues for your audience to convert. Users can click to call, get directions to your store on Google Maps, and click through to your site. They have every opportunity to move further down your marketing funnel.

If you’re aiming to get the most out of your digital marketing budget, Google Search Ads are a sound investment. Businesses that utilize these valuable tools see an average of 200% ROI (PowerTraffick), and Google’s users view Search Ads as a valuable, helpful touch point.

Google Search Ads spotlight your brand where your audience expects to find a solution, which is right where you want your message to be.

This is Part 4 of our Marketing Myths Blog, where we debunk persistent digital marketing myths and outline stronger, smarter strategies to meet your goals. Check out our next post on Marketing Platforms in 2020.