Our arsenal of whip-smart, get-it-done experts.

McKenzie Lovelace

CEO & Founder

McKenzie, our fearless leader and founder, brings passion and results to everything she touches. Whether helping new or established businesses find new revenue, she is always developing innovative, impactful online marketing campaigns that work.

Tallie Merritt


Tallie leads FSC with deep industry expertise and compassion. She is passionate about providing innovative tactics, building lasting client relationships and creating superior results.

Brian Reed

Vice President

Brian has a passion for helping companies drive growth through paid and organic search. Exceedingly curious, he likes tackling big problems using a data-driven approach. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Lauren Evans

Account Director

Lauren's southern charm provides unparalleled customer care and her red-head ferocity makes her a force to be reckoned with. After a day of quality control, Lauren loves a bowl of guacamole.

Carol LaDuke

Office Manager

Carol is literally in everyone's business. She is Queen of the office to-do lists, but will always find time to chat, have coffee and lend a listening ear. When she isn’t juggling virtual to-dos behind the scenes, she likes solving puzzles.

Christina Penny

Digital Specialist

With a background in digital marketing and business ownership, Christina has a great understanding and passion for helping business owners reach their goals. When she isn’t strategizing campaigns, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Christian La Du

Account Executive

Christian's background as an educator helps him crack complex concepts and coordinate conversations. A prospector of sorts, he keeps a keen eye on the story the metrics are trying to tell. His obsession with solving things extends to recipes as well.

Alejandra Scafidi

Digital Specialist

Alejandra develops insightful perspectives about ad accounts and implements innovative tactics to keep our clients at the top of their industry. As a native Spanish speaker, she enjoys watching foreign films, traveling, and playing with her dog Odin.

Lexie Casper

Graphic Designer

Using her interactive design and psychology background, Lexie strives to decode the human experience behind online engagement to create accessible, impactful content that connects with target audiences. She loves live music and jalapeño cocktails.