the Team

Our arsenal of whip-smart, get-it-done experts.

McKenzie Lovelace

CEO & Founder

McKenzie, our fearless leader and founder, is as smart as she is sweet. She brings passion and results to everything she touches. Whether taking care of fur babies in need or her staff, she is always willing to lend a hand and help.

Tallie Merrit


Tallie leads FSC with deep industry expertise and compassion. She is passionate about providing innovative tactics, building lasting client relationships and creating superior results.

Brian Reed

Director of Search

Brian has a passion for helping companies drive growth through paid and organic search. Exceedingly curious, he likes tackling big problems using a data-driven approach. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Amanda Brinkman

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Amanda ensures clients are positioned to look and feel their best, while resonating powerfully with their growing fans. Amanda's creative and strategic campaigns have garnered international coverage, ranging from CNN to Glamour.

Lauren Evans

Account Manager

Lauren's southern charm provides unparalleled customer care and her red-head ferocity makes her a force to be reckoned with. After a day of quality control, Lauren loves a bowl of guacamole.

Grace Ratcliff

Digital Strategist

With mathmagician skills & a technical background, Grace loves diving deep into audiences & ad results to develop a data-driven story. When she isn't pondering new ways to jazz up ad strategies, she enjoys cheering on the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Ian Donnelly

Senior Copywriter

Ian has a knack for packing big ideas into bite-sized content. He keeps his head in the clouds and his pen on the page to craft a versatile voice for your brand.

Haley Hodges

Paid Media Coordinator

Haley is passionate about digging deep into data to help companies grow their reach through paid advertising. After a day of analyzing data, she enjoys taking a walk with her husband and beagles.