Display Advertising

Building strategies beyond just running banner ads.

Display advertising is a cost-effective, important touch point for every campaign. Using demographic and interest targeting, display advertising extends the reach and visibility of our clients brands enough to ensure real and meaningful revenue growth.
We utilize rich media and video to advertise across the Google Display Network and YouTube. No matter who you’re targeting, we will put the perfect message about your brand in front of your ideal customer.

Our Expertise:

  • Placement Optimization
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Program Specific Remarketing
  • Frequency Management
  • In-Market Targeting

Traditional Google Display ads created for Balcony Ballroom, optimized for platform and placements.



We research your market to develop detailed audience personas that inform your brand’s messaging strategy. Then, we create varied and specific messaging, showing the most relevant ads to consumers based on their current position within the marketing funnel.


We start with demographic targeting, then interest targeting based on our digital strategists’ thoroughly researched consumer personas. Last, we use in-market targeting to round out the audience that is served your message.


After evaluating available data and testing, we develop bid strategies based on expected conversion rates and cost-per-conversion in order to achieve your campaign objective at the lowest possible cost.