We were thrilled our social media management team was enlisted to develop a marketing campaign for the biggest giving event of the year in New Orleans: the Greater New Orleans Foundation's GiveNOLA Day.

We were thrilled the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) enlisted the help of our social media management team to develop this year’s campaign for GiveNOLA Day, the biggest giving event of the year in the Greater New Orleans area.

GNOF is our community’s philanthropic hub, and our team was excited about promoting such a great cause. GNOF was ready to roll out their new branding, and they also wanted to be seen as the philanthropy thought-leader for New Orleans. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if they could increase donations, attract new donors, and increase social media followers and page engagements in the process.

Social Media Management Strategy

FSC used paid and organic social best practices to create awareness among donors, advisors, and initiatives. We took advantage of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to grow GNOF’s fan base and increase their social media engagement with potential donors. Compared to the previous year, each channel saw a significant increase in impressions, engagements, and new followers, with engagement rates notably higher than industry averages.

We also utilized a social media advertising strategy that included promoted posts on the Facebook news feed as well as “dark advertising” — content that feels similar to what would normally appear in a news feed, but that has been specially crafted to appeal to specific audience segments and is used in highly targeted Facebook ads.

FSC used the Facebook platform’s advertising objectives of Brand Awareness and Consideration to create a funnel-based consumer journey, driving traffic to the Give NOLA Day 2019 website, which ultimately led to an increase in direct consumer donations.

Through the use of creative ad content such as video slide shows, GNOF community imagery, and a Facebook event page for GiveNOLA Day 2019, FSC reached new and existing supporters of the GNOF brand with information championing past successes and the streamlined process of donating for Give NOLA Day 2019.

GiveNOLA Day Facebook ad

GiveNOLA Day Facebook event page

Our paid social advertising campaigns for GNOF garnered more than half a million impressions and reached more than 168,600 people throughout the Greater New Orleans area and beyond.

Using the full Facebook platform within our funnel-based approach proved successful. We positioned in-feed promoted posts as a support to the Brand Awareness and Consideration dark advertisements. As a result, 58% of ad engagement was made by users 55 years or older. In contrast, 59% of in-feed promoted post engagers were 44 years and below. This tells us that the full range of targeted consumers received information about both GNOF and Give NOLA Day through different mediums throughout our campaign.

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