Did you know smart email marketing can help SEO rankings? It’s all connected!

Emails can be one of the best ways to stay in touch with loyal customers and drive recurring sales. 80% of retail professionals report that email is their greatest driver of customer retention. The engagement and ROI numbers grow even larger for B2B email engagement. A quality opt-in database can be one of your most effective tools as a marketer.

One thing you may not know is how email marketing can also help drive your search engine optimization. Though it does not directly impact your keyword rankings, it can have a powerful indirect effect. Let’s take a deeper look on how email does just that:

The Email and SEO Connection: 5 Ways Email Helps SEO

It Helps Increase Engagement

Email can be especially useful to drive traffic to specific areas of your website. For example, if you created a recent blog on Google Grant updates for non-profits (written using best SEO practices of course), you could increase traffic to that piece of content by promoting it via email.

Moreover, you can ask your audience to share the content on their social media platforms, forward the email, or leave a comment. This increases your visibility and on-site engagement. The more active and engaged your website users are with your site (low bounce rates, higher time spent on page, etc.) – the better your search rankings.

It’s an Opportunity for Inbound Links

An inbound link is a link coming from another site to your own website which leads to better SEO and increases referral traffic to your site. The more consistent and quality content you produce such as blogs, guidebooks, and infographics, the more opportunity you have to acquire inbound links back to your website.

Sharing content with your email database increases the chances that others will find it useful and link back to it online. Google puts very high authority on inbound links, thus they directly affect your search rankings.

Email Lets You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

You take a lot of time to strategize topics for your newsletter, write clever and informative copy, and pick out the perfect images that will get your audience to CLICK! Why not make it work even harder for you?

Take a close look at each newsletter you deploy to determine if it could be added to your website as a blog or guide. Perhaps you even add an e-newsletter section to your website. Adding fresh content to your site and optimizing for SEO is a fundamental way to increase your rankings overtime.

It Boosts Social Media Engagement

Making it easy for those that receive your email to easily share the content you promote on their social media platforms help boost engagement.

If your webpages are receiving comments and shares from different sources on social media platforms, your SEO will benefit. Email makes it easy to clearly drive your most loyal followers to promote your best content on their favorite social platform.

It Optimizes Landing Pages

Are you building strategic landing pages for your email campaigns? Perhaps you are promoting a new whitepaper on 2018 trends and driving users to a landing page that tells them more about the content of the document before downloading. Could this landing page provide useful information to non-subscribers? Be sure to code that landing page using SEO best practices!

Email marketing and search engine optimization are just two of many digital marketing strategies that your company should be employing. Understanding how each segment can complement the other will help create a comprehensive digital practice that benefits one another. We hope this example gets your head spinning on other symbiotic relationships that may exist.

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