When you’re handling a restaurant’s social media presence, it can be equal parts enjoyable and tough. One negative review can cost a restaurant around 30 potential customers, but that’s not the be-all-end-all for a restaurant or its online persona. As a community manager or content creator, there are some major ingredients involved in cooking up an effective and engaging brand presence.

With 80% of people researching restaurants online before they decide to dine, it’s important to make sure your content represents the brand’s voice and your community manager responds quickly and appropriately to fan reviews and customer inquiries. If you’re engaged with the good AND the bad, it shows character, and it humanizes your brand.

Leverage National Trends & Seasonal Topics

It’s also important to pay attention to trending topics you can leverage for your brand. Popular national food holidays are a great way to add your voice to the conversation in a relevant way.

Criollo Restaurant, for example, took advantage of #NationalGumboDay by enticing followers with a mouth-watering image of their popular Seafood Gumbo:

Criollo Restaurant took advantage of #NationalGumboDay by enticing followers with a mouth-watering image on Instagram of their popular Seafood Gumbo.

Use Video Marketing To Your Advantage

Video marketing is also becoming a major player for any online presence. Portraying a brand’s voice through captivating cinema and eloquent copy helps first-time searchers get an idea of your restaurant’s aesthetic and personality.

Doris Metropolitan took advantage of video content to profile its restaurant dining area, private dining room, and courtyard dining area. The video reached 4,700 people and had more than 1,800 views. It was simple, informative, and accurately represented the brand’s voice. Most importantly, it got people talking about their experiences at Doris.

Doris Metropolitan utilizes Facebook video advertising

Social Media for Restaurants, Our Infographic Explains:

If you follow the recipe below, you’ll cook up a strong, visually appealing and verbally engaging persona that will drive customers from your Facebook page to your front door. Of course, some posts (and plates) need a little extra seasoning, so supplementing content with money can boost reach, engagement, and your overall business goals.

Social Media for Restaurants

If you’re not sure you can handle the heat, we’ve got social media chefs in our kitchen who can help your restaurant (or business) rise above the noise online. Contact us if you are in need of some fresh ideas!