Get out the scissors and craft box: it’s Halloween again! Having trouble coming up with a costume? With one week left to go, you better get your creative juices working because you’ve got to out-do your costume from last year. Just like every year before! Here’s a look back at FSC staff costumes from 2013. Stay tuned for more creative hijinx this year and in the meantime, scroll down for a few selfie-worthy costume ideas.

FSC_Halloween photo_2013

If you are one of the many people who haven’t quite figured out what to be, then take a look at some of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for 2014. There are the ever-popular costumes for people who spend too much time on the Internet.


Clever social media icon Halloween costumes

And then there are costumes to mirror pop-culture, such as Beyoncé’s “Flawless” look.


Beyoncé’s Flawless look sourced from InStyle

But really, your choices are endless, from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (requiring a bucket to wear on your head and ice cube trays) to my personal favorite, The Apparently Kid (requiring an up-beat attitude and a microphone). And if you really don’t want to spend much time worrying about a costume this year, then look no further than the ever popular emoji. No, I’m not talking about pulling a home-made costume together to become an emoji.


DIY Dancing Girls Emoji Halloween Costume

I’m talking about the simplest form of a costume. Introducing the Emoji Masks – Grin, Heart Eyes, Poop, Sly Guy, and Smile. No prepping necessary, just purchase the mask and you are ready to go. You’ll even be ready for any normal occasion that calls for street clothes versus a Halloween get-up.


Emoji Masks from

The clock is ticking, and you haven’t got much time. So take what I’ve given you for costume ideas, and make your 2014 Halloween one to remember.