Construction Technology

You need to stay on the cutting-edge of an ever-changing online landscape. FSC Interactive can develop a digital blueprint to reach your growth and marketing goals.

Since FSC Interactive was founded, our team has worked on construction technology and CRE focused companies including both mature and startup brands.

The ever-changing online landscape requires technology companies to be nimble in their approach to marketing – and to find potential buyers where they are online. We recognize the challenge of educating a traditional audience in construction on the importance and need for more comprehensive technology that directly affects their ROI.

By growing a lead pipeline with cost-driven data, FSC Interactive creates a scalable, cost-effective model that has proven effective.​

Our Expertise:

  • Pay-per-click 
  • Keyword optimization
  • In-depth analytics and tracking
  • Behavioral and In-market targeting
  • Cross-platform and cross-device marketing

Case Study: SmartBid

FSC Interactive developed a paid and organic strategy for SmartBid, a Construction Technology SaaS Company.

We worked together to build out an engaging campaign using a mix of non-brand and brand keywords, targeting high opportunity geo’s. Our goals were to increase lead volume, while driving the lowest cost per lead increasing sales across the country via to new and emerging audiences.

Case Study: TrackNet

TrackNet, a GPS-based fleet tracking system, needed to scale quickly, they reached out to FSC Interactive to create a cost-effective growth strategy.

Using brand and non-brand search, display, and SEO, we worked together to create a strong pipeline of leads in a short amount of time. ​

Case Study: SmartCompliance

When SmartCompliance, an Insurance Technology SaaS Company, needed to reach an audience that didn’t know it needed their product, they turned to FSC Interactive.

We used SEO, paid search and display advertising to increase brand awareness of the product, which drove increased site traffic and ultimately increased lead volume.

Funnel-based Strategy

The process starts with research and analysis of your existing advertising and competitors. We use this information to develop a funnel-based ad strategy that meets your goals.

Ad Creative

Our content producers develop compelling ad creative that resonates with your target audience. Using short form video, photography, and graphic design we tell your brand’s story through unique ads. Once your ad is live, our digital strategists diligently work to optimize and test to increase your campaign results.


Monthly you connect with FSC to review the results of your ad campaigns. We discuss your future plans and coordinate ad creative with upcoming marketing goals.

Clients Include

Clients Include