The Latergramme app has arrived, and this new tool for scheduling Instagram posts is a game-changer. Latergram allows brands to plan and schedule their Instagram content in advance, which does wonders for efficiency and implementing thoughtful strategy.

Instead of having to wait until the perfect moment to post an Instagram photo in real time, you can anticipate it beforehand and ensure it goes out exactly when and how you want it to. Not only can you use this app on your mobile phone, you can dive even deeper and manage it from your desktop.

As smart digital marketers, we use Latergram reguarly to schedule content to Instagram. Now that we’ve gained some experience posting with Latergramme, we’d like to share our wealth of knowledge. Consider it a #latergram.

Latergramme App Home Screen

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have internal tools and other social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and TweetDeck to serve as our social media personal assistants. As for Instagram, we’ve been on our own.

Latergramme is a tool that has undoubtedly made life easier for social media marketers who Instagram regularly for brands. There is a mobile app as well as a website where predetermined Instagram uploads can be scheduled. Unlike other social media managers, Latergramme notifies you at the scheduled time rather than uploading the post for you (Instagram restricts third-party apps from posting your pics).

Latergramme App: Schedule a Post for Instagram

How to Schedule Latergram Instagram Posts

The app is very user-friendly. Once you have it open, there are only a few simple steps to take:

1. Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and select your photo (or take one from your mobile camera).

2. Make any appropriate size edits to your photo.

3. Type in your text (remember to include any appropriate hashtags and handles you would use in your Instagram upload).

4. Choose the time you want your photo to upload (or maybe a few minutes before to give yourself a little breathing room).

5. Click “Upload,” and your post will show up under the “Scheduled” tab.

The app will notify you when your scheduled post is ready to be published.

One of the most convenient perks in this app is that you don’t have to be signed in to receive notifications. This is great if you have multiple accounts because it will notify you for all of them! Just make sure that once you receive the notification, you sign into the proper account in both Latergramme and Instagram Apps.

Latergramme App: Ready To Post

How to Post to Instagram from Latergramme

To upload the post when the Ready indication has shown up:

1. Swipe the post.

2. Click the Instagram icon.

3. Click through the usual steps (but everything will already be complete) and post!

Latergramme also has a website that allows you to do the same thing as the app. The only difference is manually dragging your post to a time on the displayed calendar.

This fairly new technology has made a drastic difference for those posting to Instagram for different brands. It’s an extra time-saving reminder that we all know is continuously useful, necessary, and welcome.

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