the Team

Our arsenal of whip-smart, get-it-done experts.

McKenzie Lovelace

CEO & Founder

McKenzie, our fearless leader and founder, is as smart as she is sweet. She brings passion and results to everything she touches. Whether taking care of fur babies in need or her staff, she is always willing to lend a hand and help.

Tallie Merrit


Tallie leads FSC with deep industry expertise and compassion. She is passionate about providing innovative tactics, building lasting client relationships and creating superior results.

Terrance Taylor

Vice President of Operations

Terrance works diligently to ensure operational and fiduciary best practices within the organization. When he’s not geeking out about numbers and vendor management, he’s counting down the days to Mardi Gras.

Whitney Mitchell

Director of Social Media

Justin Shiels

Creative Director

As the Creative Director at FSC, Justin Shiels is passionate about creating compelling strategies, design, and content.

Taylor Saville

Operations Coordinator

In an office full of unique and creative individuals, sometimes you need a cat wrangler. That’s where Taylor comes in. Whether it’s coordinating meetings, keeping the office supplied, or fielding problems each day keeps Taylor on her toes.

Jenny Lovold

Project Manager

The only thing Jenny loves more than enjoying leftover sweets from photo shoots is making client's dreams come true. Jenny's impeccable management skills are demonstrated on her clients, her two adorable children and her extensive wardrobe.

Dave Rotman

Senior Multimedia Director

Every office needs a design wizard, luckily for FSC, we have Dave. Whether FSC needs jaw-dropping graphics and fonts, his wife needs quirky furniture, or a handicapped dog needs love; Dave is always there to fulfill the duty.

Kayla Morrison

Senior Account Executive

With an impressive attention to detail, Kayla juggles every part of her accounts from the devoted relationship she builds with her clients & managing their requests. When the FOMO sets in, she takes her bike out on the town to find new adventures.

Lauren Evans

Account Executive

Lauren's southern charm provides unparalleled customer care and her red-head ferocity makes her a force to be reckoned with. After a day of quality control, Lauren loves a bowl of guacamole.

Lindsey Guidry

Account Executive

Madeline Elliot

Digital Strategist

In the ever-changing world of social media, Madeline helps us dance our way through all the latest technology and newest features. When she is not optimizing and innovating digital ads, Madeline finds her Zen from practicing yoga and eating sushi.

Alex McClard

Digital Analyst

Alex loves building strong brand voices for our clients. She has enjoyed spending the last year getting to experience every aspect of both becoming a Community Manager and living in New Orleans.

Grace Ratcliff

Digital Analyst

With mathmagician skills & a technical background, Grace loves diving deep into audiences & ad results to develop a data-driven story. When she isn't pondering new ways to jazz up ad strategies, she enjoys cheering on the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Casey Ochoa

Social Strategist

Casey's vibrant personality allows him to bring voice & life to any type of brand. When he's not photographing the office dogs or researching the latest social trends, Casey likes to bike at the park with friends or try to find the next best churro.

Chloe Matera

Junior Community Manager

When Chloe isn't drenched in all things social, she's mass-following dog accounts on Instagram or re-watching Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. She's also super excited to be back in New Orleans after a 3-year stint in New York City.

Jaida Stallworth

Social Media Coordinator

With Jaida's passion for creative problem solving and storytelling she fits right in with FSC. Outside of the office you can find her executing her passions in day to day situations like where to eat.

Victoria Roberts

Content Manager

Victoria can be found neck deep in captivating graphics, lively typefaces, and vibrant photos that she transforms into extraordinary ads. Victoria is most passionate about learning new skills, developing brands, and ending the use of Comic Sans.

Chris Prudhomme


Chris spends his days dotting I's and crossing T's. He's got many personalities, each one the expression of a different brand.

Ian Donnelly


Ian has a knack for packing big ideas into bite-sized content. He keeps his head in the clouds and his pen on the page to craft a versatile voice for your brand.